Needing Glasses

I recently discovered that I will probably need glasses as I think I might have myopia (which means I am think I am probably short-sighted) as words, letters, numbers and other characters become harder for me to read the further away they get.

I was hoping to be able to go the majority of my life without glasses as my vision used to be what I considered perfect and, as a child, I could often see and perceive those things which others often could not.

However, on a recent driving lesson, (my first, which I will probably post about at a later date) it became apparent to me that I probably need glasses as I had difficulty reading a number plate on another car (I don’t know how far away that car was though) so I might not need them for driving specifically but, inarguably, I do or will need glasses sooner or later.

Although this comes as a disappointment, this is probably to be deserved as I haven’t been to my optician in about 11 years or so, and my eyes have not received frequent check ups or the care they need, which could explain why my eyesight seems to be so compromised despite having had near-perfect vision until a few years ago.

I suppose the moral of the story is this:  visit your optician/optometrist/ophthalmologist regularly.

Thanks for reading! 🙂

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